Robert Dyer

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Name: Robert Dyer

Country: United States

Affiliation: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Personal website:

Research interests: Software Engineering; Big Data; Programming Languages


ESEC/FSE 2020Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
Registration Chair in Organizing Committee
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Student Research Competition-track
SPLASH 2020Committee Member in Review Committee within the OOPSLA-track
Student Volunteer Co-Chair in Organizers within the Student Volunteers-track
Student Volunteer Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
MSR 2020Author of Boa Views: Easy Modularization and Sharing of MSR Analyses within the Technical Papers-track
MSR 2019Session Chair of Session V: Large-Scale Mining (part of MSR 2019 Paper Presentations)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the MSR 2019 Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2019Author of An Investigation of Routine Repetitiveness in Open-Source Projects: A Partial Reproduction of "A large-scale study on repetitiveness, containment, and composability of routines in open-source projects" within the ROSE Festival-track
MSR 2018Committee Member in Program Committee within the Technical Papers-track
ESEC/FSE 2018Session Chair of Afternoon talks (part of WASPI)
Author of Towards Combining Usage Mining and Implementation Analysis to Infer API Preconditions within the WASPI-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Demonstrations-track
Registration Chair in Organizing Committee
Session Chair of WASPI workshop (part of WASPI)
Author of Software Engineering Collaboratories (SEClabs) and Collaboratories as a Service (CaaS) within the New Ideas and Emerging Results-track
Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the WASPI-track
* ICSE 2018 *Author of Poster W42: Using Consensus to Automatically Infer Post-conditions within the Posters -track
SPLASH 2015Author of Mining Programming Language Usage with Boa within the Tutorials-track
Author of Consensus-based Mining of API Preconditions in Big Code within the Demos-track
Author of Demonstrating Programming Language Feature Mining Using Boa within the Demos-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the OOPSLA Artifacts-track
SPLASH 2014Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the OOPSLA Artifacts-track
GPCE 2013Author of Declarative Visitors to Ease Fine-grained Source Code Mining with Full History on Billions of AST Nodes within the Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2013Author of Mining Source Code Repositories with Boa within the Demonstrations-track
Committee Member in Artifacts within the OOPSLA Artifacts-track
Author of Task Fusion: Improving Utilization of Multi-user Clusters within the ACM SRC-track
SPLASH 2012Author of Boa: analyzing ultra-large-scale code corpus within the Posters-track
Author of Analyzing ultra-large-scale code corpus with boa within the Demos-track