Sam Ritchie

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Name:Sam Ritchie

Sam is a researcher at the Mentat Collective, currently working on a series of interactive, multiplayer computational textbooks for exploring mathematical physics and other forms of modeled reality. He has worked as an engineer at (Google) X, Stripe, Twitter, and founded Paddleguru and Racehub. Sam is most well known in the software world as the author of Summingbird, Algebird, and SICMUtils, and as the maintainer of Cascalog. He has a secret identity as a mountain athlete and amateur aircraft mechanic, and lives with wife Jenna and daughter Juno in Boulder, Colorado.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Mentat Collective


ELS 2022 Author of Lisp as Renaissance Workshop: A Lispy Tour through Mathematical Physics within the ELS 2022-track
Author of Building SICMUtils, the Atelier of Abstractions within the ELS 2022-track
‹Programming› 2022 Keynote Speaker of The Road to Reality: Interactive Physics from Eval to Einstein within the Keynotes-track