Samuel Gélineau

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Name:Samuel Gélineau

Active in the Haskell community under the pseudonyms gelisam and @haskell_cat. Co-organizes Montreal’s functional programming meetup, Lambda Montreal. Currently working as a Haskell developer at SimSpace. M.Sc. at McGill University on resolving conflicts in Aspect-Oriented Programming.

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Research interests:Type Systems


POPL 2022 Author of Mœbius: Metaprogramming using Contextual Types: The Stage Where System F Can Pattern Match on Itself within the POPL-track
TyDe 2020 Author of Predictable Macros for Hindley-Milner (Extended Abstract) within the TyDe 2020-track
HIW 2018 Author of Lightning talk: The trick which makes exceptions-0.10.0 possible within the HIW 2018-track