Sara S. Hamouda

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Name:Sara S. Hamouda

I am a PhD Student in the Research School of Computer Science, at the Australian National University. I am passionate about taming unreliable computer clusters by designing disaster-ready distributed systems. I expect to submit my PhD thesis by 09/2018.

My thesis title is ‘Practical User-Level Fault Tolerance with the Async-Finish Synchronization Model’, where I address issues related to performance and productivity in resilient runtime systems. In particular, I work on enhancing the resilience support of the X10 language in collaboration with the X10 team at IBM T. J. Watson Research center.

Between 2006 and 2014, I was a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Computers and Information, at Cairo University. I obtained my masters degree in 2010 and my bachelor degree in 2006, both from Cairo University.

Affiliation:Australian National University
Research interests:High-performance computing, resilience, programming language design