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Steven Fraser advises on technology transfer, company-university research partnerships, and software best practices. He is based in Silicon Valley and is the Director of Advisory Services at Innoxec. Previously, he held R&D leadership roles at HP, Cisco, Qualcomm, and Nortel focused on company-university research collaborations. Steven holds a PhD from McGill University (Montréal) in Electrical (Software) Engineering and is interested in the strategies used to accelerate the adoption and deployment of new technologies. Steven has delivered keynotes, organized over 75 conferences, panels, workshops and tutorials. He recently co-authored a science oriented biography which is now in its 2nd edition: From the Heart of Europe to the Wonders of Canada: A Story of One Woman’s Century (Gaertner/Fraser).

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Research interests:Tech Transfer, Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Software Engineering, Agile


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Author of Panel: 2021 Strategies for “Socially Distant” University-Company Collaborations within the SER&IP '21-track
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