Tahina Ramananandro

Registered user since Mon 1 May 2017

Name:Tahina Ramananandro
Country:United States
Affiliation:Microsoft Research
Research interests:Formal verification, proof assistants, semantics of programming languages, verified compilation


PLDI 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PLDI-track
CPP 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the CPP 2021-track
ICFP 2021 Author of Steel: Proof-Oriented Programming in a Dependently Typed Concurrent Separation Logic within the Research Papers-track
PriSC 2020 Author of Short Talk: Everparse within the Principles of Secure Compilation 2020-track
PLDI 2020 Presenter of Verified Programming with Project Everest within the Sponsors-track
Committee Member in External Review Committee within the PLDI Research Papers-track
ESOP 2019 Author of Meta-F*: Proof Automation with SMT, Tactics, and Metaprograms within the ESOP 2019-track
ML 2018 Author of ML as a Tactic Language, Again within the ML 2018-track
CPP 2018 Author of A Monadic Framework for Relational Verification: Applied to Information Security, Program Equivalence, and Optimizations within the CPP 2018-track
PLDI 2018 Presenter of Verified Low-Level Programming in F* within the PLDI Tutorials-track
Author of Certified Concurrent Abstraction Layers within the PLDI Research Papers-track
ICFP 2017 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the Research Artifacts-track
Author of Verified Low-Level Programming Embedded in F* within the Research Papers-track
CPP 2016 Author of A Unified Coq Framework for Verifying C Programs with Floating-Point Computations within the CPP-track