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Name:Thomas Price

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at North Carolina State University, where I run the HINTS Lab. I am also a part of NCSU’s Center for Educational Informatics. My research goal is to reimagine educational programming environments as adaptive, data-driven systems that support students automatically as they pursue learning goals that are meaningful to them. I believe that every student should be able to learn computing with the support they need to be successful, working on projects that suit their values and interests. My research sits at the intersection of Computing Education Research (CER), Educational Data Mining (EDM) and Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS). My current research focuses on:

  • Developing and evaluating iSnap, the first block-based programming environment to offer data-driven hints.
  • Designing algorithms to automatically generate programming hints and feedback using student data.
  • Investigating how students seek and use human and automated help when programming.
  • Comparing the effectiveness of block-based, frame-based and textual programming interfaces for novice programmers.
Country:United States
Affiliation:North Carolina State University
Research interests:Computing Education, Educational Data Mining, Intelligent Tutoring Systems


ICER 2022 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
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VL/HCC 2021 Author of Scaffolding Game Design: Towards tool support for planning open-ended projects in an introductory game design class within the Research Papers-track
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Author of Adaptive Immediate Feedback Can Improve Novice Programming Engagement and Intention to Persist in Computer Science within the Research Papers-track
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