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Vivek Sarkar is Professor of Computer Science and the E.D. Butcher Chair in Engineering at Rice University. He conducts research in multiple aspects of parallel software including programming languages, program analysis, compiler optimizations and runtimes systems for diverse parallel platforms. He currently leads the Habanero Extreme Scale Software Research Laboratory at Rice University, and is PI of the DARPA-funded Pliny project on “big code” analytics. Prior to joining Rice in July 2007, Vivek was Senior Manager of Programming Technologies at IBM Research. His responsibilities at IBM included leading IBM’s research efforts in programming model, tools, and productivity in the PERCS project during 2002- 2007 as part of the DARPA High Productivity Computing System program. His prior research projects include the X10 programming language, the Jikes Research Virtual Machine for the Java language, the ASTI optimizer used in IBM’s XL Fortran product compilers, the PTRAN automatic parallelization system, and profile-directed partitioning and scheduling of Sisal programs. In 1997, he was on sabbatical as a visiting associate professor at MIT, where he was a founding member of the MIT Raw multicore project. Vivek became a member of the IBM Academy of Technology in 1995, and was inducted as an ACM Fellow in 2008. He holds a B.Tech. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, an M.S. degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. Vivek has been serving as a member of the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee (ASCAC) since 2009, and on CRA’s Board of Directors since 2015.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Rice University, USA
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Research interests:Programming Languages, Compilers & Runtime Systems for Parallel Computing


ECOOP 2021 Author of Linear Promises: Towards Safer Concurrent Programming within the ECOOP Artifacts-track
PLDI 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PLDI-track
PPoPP 2020 Steering Committee Member in Steering Committee
CHIUW 2019 Author of GPUIterator: Bridging the Gap between Chapel and GPU Platforms within the CHIUW 2019-track
VEE 2019 Committee Member in Steering Committee
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PPoPP 2019 Author of Transitive Joins: A Sound and Efficient Online Deadlock-Avoidance Policy within the Main Conference-track
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PLDI 2017 Committee Member in External Program Committee
ISMM 2017 Author of A Marshalled Data Format for Pointers in Relocatable Data Blocks within the ISMM 2017-track
PPoPP 2017 General Chair in Organizing Committee
CC 2017 Author of Optimized Two-Level Parallelization for GPU Accelerators using the Polyhedral Model within the Research Papers-track
Author of Keynote: Why the End-Game for Moore’s Law will be driven by a Compiler Renaissance within the Research Papers-track
Author of Why the End-Game for Moore's Law will be driven by a Compiler Renaissance? within the Keynote-track
SPLASH 2016 Author of Automatic Parallelization of Pure Method Calls via Conditional Future Synthesis within the OOPSLA-track
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Program Chair in Organizing Committee
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Author of The Eureka Programming Model for Speculative Task Parallelism within the Artifacts-track
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AGERE! Author of Selectors: Actors with Multiple Guarded Mailboxes within the AGERE!-track
Author of Savina - An Actor Benchmark Suite within the AGERE!-track
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SPLASH 2011 Author of Delegated Isolation within the OOPSLA-track
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