Willian Oizumi

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Name:Willian Oizumi

I am a seasoned Senior Software Engineer at GoTo, with a rich academic background including a PhD, MSc, and BS in Informatics. My career spans over 13 years in software development, with a significant portion (6 years) dedicated to teaching at IFPR.

My experience is not limited to academia and teaching. I have been actively involved in research, development, and consulting projects at the Software Engineering Laboratory at PUC-RIO (LES). I have also honed my skills as a developer at HSBC GLT, Objective Solutions, and Cwork Sistemas.

My expertise lies in Java backend development, where I have extensively used technologies such as Java EE, SpringBoot, Hibernate, JUnit, Kafka, Postgres, and Kubernetes.

As an academic, my research interests in Software Engineering are diverse, ranging from Software Architecture and Design, Code Smells, Refactoring, to Empirical Software Engineering and Search-Based Software Engineering. During my PhD, I developed a technique to aid developers in identifying and refactoring design problems that negatively impact quality attributes.

I have had the privilege of publishing my work in esteemed conferences and journals, including ICSE (2016, 2018), MSR (2020, 2021, 2023), IST (2020), SCICO (2019), ICSME (2020), SPLC (2014), ESEM (2019), ISSRE (2019), and ICPC (2019, 2020). A testament to my research prowess, my MSc research was recognized as the third-best computer science dissertation in the Brazilian Contest of Theses and Dissertations in 2016.

Research interests:Software Engineering; Software Design; Refactoring