Michael Wybrow

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Name:Michael Wybrow

Decision-making is increasingly done by humans using optimisation, AI systems or leveraging data produced and collected by businesses. Frequently, such systems are “black-boxes” that produce results without showing how a solution was arrived at. There is a need to understand the quality of solutions, differences or similarities between solutions and the main factors that led to that solution. Additionally, humans can often provide useful insights such as weights or constraints that can inform the search and lead to better solutions through user-guidance. I use interactive visualisation and interface design to address these issues.

My active research projects involves explaining the layout for Liquefied Natural Gas plants and modelling Hydrogen Production for Woodside Petroleum, explaining and preventing reasoning fallacies for people using Bayesian Network diagrams and creating near-real-time dashboards to show to help clinicians understand hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data in order to improve healthcare at Eastern Health.

Affiliation:Monash University
Research interests:User-guided Optimisation, Information Visualisation, Explainable AI, Network Layout, Interaction Design