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Name:Xuandong Li
Affiliation:Nanjing University


ISSTA 2022 Author of Detecting Resource Utilization Bugs Induced by Variant Lifecycles in Android within the Technical Papers-track
ICST 2022 Author of Documentation-based functional constraint generation for library methods within the Journal-First Papers-track
VMCAI 2022 Author of Mixed Semantics Guided Layered Bounded Reachability Analysis of Compositional Linear Hybrid Automata within the VMCAI 2022-track
ASE 2022 Author of Robust Learning of Deep Predictive Models from Noisy and Imbalanced Software Engineering Datasets within the Research Papers-track
PLDI 2021 Author of JPortal: Precise and Efficient Control-Flow Tracing for JVM Programs with Intel Processor Trace within the PLDI-track
Author of Chianina: An Evolving Graph System for Flow- and Context-Sensitive Analyses of Million Lines of C Code within the PLDI-track
ISSTA 2021 Author of GUIDER: GUI Structure and Vision Co-Guided Test Script Repair for Android Apps within the Technical Papers-track
ISSTA 2020 Author of Reinforcement Learning Based Curiosity-Driven Testing of Android Applications within the Technical Papers-track
ESEC/FSE 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
ICPC 2020 Author of Deep-Diving into Documentation to Develop Improved Java-to-Swift API Mapping within the Research-track
ICSE 2019 Author of Easy Modelling and Verification of Unpredictable and Preemptive Interrupt-driven Systems within the Technical Track-track
Author of GUI-Guided Repair of Mobile Test Scripts within the Posters-track
Author of Global Optimization of Numerical Programs via Prioritized Stochastic Algebraic Transformations within the Technical Track-track
Author of Energy Distribution Matters in Greybox Fuzzing within the Posters-track
ISSTA 2017 Author of Automatic Detection and Validation of Race Conditions in Interrupt-Driven Embedded Software within the Technical Papers-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Poster T6: Detecting Missing Checks for Identifying Insufficient Attack Protections within the Posters -track
Author of Poster T52: Automated Test Script Repair for Mobile Applications within the Posters -track
ECOOP 2015 Committee Member in Programme Committee within the Research Track-track
SPLASH 2013 Author of Steering Symbolic Execution to Less Traveled Paths within the OOPSLA-track