Yves Bertot

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Name: Yves Bertot

Bio: Research at Inria since 1992. co-author of a book on “Interactive Theorem Proving and Program Development, Coq’Art: the Calculus of Inductive Constructions”. Recipient of the 2013 ACM Software System award, along with developers of the Coq system.

Country: France

Affiliation: INRIA

Personal website: http://www-sop.inria.fr/members/Yves.Bertot/index.html

Research interests: Interactive Theorem Proving, Higher-Order theorem proving


CoqPL 2020Session Chair of Invited Talk (part of CoqPL)
Author of The use of Coq for Common Criteria Evaluations within the CoqPL-track
CPP 2020Session Chair of Proof engineering and user interaction (part of CPP 2020)
CoqPL 2018Programme Co-Chair in Program Committee within the -track
Programme Co-Chair in Organizing Committee within the -track
Author of Session with the Coq Development Team within the -track
Session Chair of Keynote (part of )
CPP 2017Co-chair in Program Committee within the CPP-track
CPP 2016Author of Formal proofs of transcendence for e and pi as an application of multivariate and symmetric polynomials within the CPP-track