Daphne Yao

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Name:Daphne Yao

I am an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg. I was born in Tianjin, China (many years ago). I received my Computer Science Ph.D. degree from Brown University. I also studied at Princeton University and IU, Bloomington.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Virginia Tech


ASE 2022 Author of Automatic Detection of Java Cryptographic API Misuses: Are We There Yet? within the Journal-first Papers-track
ICPC 2022 Author of Example-Based Vulnerability Detection and Repair in Java Code within the Research-track
ICSE 2022 Author of Poster: Comprehensive Comparisons of Embedding Approaches for Cryptographic API Completion within the Posters-track
ICSE 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Technical Track-track
SALAD 2018 Committee Member in Program Committee within the SALAD-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Secure Coding Practices in Java: Challenges and Vulnerabilities within the Technical Papers -track