Idowu Oselumhe Ilekura

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Name:Idowu Oselumhe Ilekura

Idowu Ilekura is a Christian interested in using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve health, education, and gender equality issues. He believes that if used judiciously, Artificial Intelligence can solve most of humanity’s problems. He is well versed in Machine Learning & Deep Learning Frameworks like Sklearn, Tensorflow, Keras, Machine Learning Operation Tools like Google Cloud Platform, DagsHub, MLFlow, Docker, Kubernetes, Flask. He finds joy in solving problems with Python and R programming languages. Idowu is also an Ex Co-Lead for Google Developers Group Warri; as the Co-lead, he co-organized several seminars on modern technologies & Google Technologies. He is also the pioneer Ingressive Campus Ambassador where he hosted the first Ingressive Student Developers Festival In Africa.

Affiliation:Data Science Nigeria
Research interests:Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,Deep Learning, Data Engineering, Ethics, Software Engineering