Jan Hoffmann

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Name: Jan Hoffmann

Bio: I am a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department, and a member of the Principles of Programming (PoP) group.

My research areas are programming languages and formal methods. I am specifically interested in quantitative verification, type systems, static resource analysis of programs, proof assistants, and system verification.

Before joining Carnegie Mellon, I was an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Computer Science at Yale. Before that, I was a PhD student at LMU Munich.

Country: United States

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Personal website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~janh/

Research interests: Programming languages, formal methods, verification, security and privacy


POPL 2021Workshops Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
ICFP 2020Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
POPL 2020Committee Member in Tutorials Evaluation Committee within the TutorialFest-track
Workshops Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
BEAT 2019Author of Invited Talk: Resource-Aware Session Types within the BEAT 2019-track
PLDI 2019Author of Resource-Guided Program Synthesis within the PLDI Research Papers-track
POPL 2019Author of Type-Guided Worst-Case Input Generation within the Research Papers-track
Session Chair of Reasoning about Probabilistic Programs (part of Research Papers)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
FSCD 2017Author of Arrays and References in Resource Aware ML within the FSCD 2017-track
ICFP 2018Author of Parallel Complexity Analysis with Temporal Session Types within the Research Papers-track
PLDI 2018Author of PMAF: An Algebraic Framework for Static Analysis of Probabilistic Programs within the PLDI Research Papers-track
Committee Member in Student Research Competition Committee
Author of Bounded Expectations: Resource Analysis for Probabilistic Programs within the PLDI Research Papers-track
POPL 2017Author of Relational Cost Analysis within the POPL-track
Author of Towards Automatic Resource Bound Analysis for OCaml within the POPL-track
PLDI 2017Committee Member in Program Committee
ESOP 2015Author of Automatic Static Cost Analysis for Parallel Programs within the ESOP-track
PLDI 2015Author of Compositional Certified Resource Bounds within the Research Papers-track