Jan-Patrick Lehr

Registered user since Wed 14 Oct 2020

Name: Jan-Patrick Lehr

Bio: I studied computer science at TU Darmstadt before joining the Institute for Scientific Computing at TU Darmstadt. In between my Bachelor’s and my Master’s I joined the ROSE compiler team at Lawrence Livermore National Lab for an internship.

Since the Corona virus situation emerged I am a regular participant of the open and informal weekly HPC huddle meetings and maintain the website of the HPC Hallway.

Country: Germany

Affiliation: Scientific Computing, TU Darmstadt

Personal website: https://www.jplehr.de

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jplehr

GitHub: https://github.com/jplehr

Research interests: Compilers, High-Performance Computing, Tools for Performance and Correctness


TAPAS 2020Author of MetaCG: Annotated call-graphs to facilitate whole-program analysis within the TAPAS-track
AI-SEPS 2019Author of Automatic Identification of Standard Template Algorithms in Raw Loops within the AI-SEPS-track
AI-SEPS 2018Author of PIRA: Performance Instrumentation Refinement Automation within the AI-SEPS-track
SEPS 2017Author of The Influence of HPCToolkit and Score-P on Hardware Performance Counters within the SEPS 2017-track