Javier Pimás

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Name:Javier Pimás

A fan of high-level programming, specially high-level low-level programming. Have been mixing Smalltalk and assembly code for more than a decade. Spent the last 5 years working on Bee DMR project, a self-hosted metacircular Smalltalk VM, and previously worked in SqueakNOS project for my MSc. At the university, I teach about computer architectures, assembly and operating system programming.

Affiliation:Palantir Solutions
Research interests:Programming Language Design, Virtual Machines, Cognitive Science


DLS 2017 Author of Garbage Collection and Efficiency in Dynamic Metacircular Runtimes: An Experience Report within the DLS 2017-track
META 2017 Author of Metaphysics: Towards a Robust Framework for Remotely Working with Potentially Broken Objects and Runtimes within the Meta 2017-track