Jeff Smits

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Name: Jeff Smits

Bio: I am a PhD student in the Programming Languages Research Group at Delft University of Technology. I have various research interests around language design and compiler technology. I’ve worked on declarative specification of data-flow analysis, practical incremental compilation for existing languages, and gradual types. I’ve designed FlowSpec, a domain-specific language for the specification of data-flow analysis. For incremental compilation I’ve taken apart the compiler of the Stratego term transformation language, and reassembled it as an incremental compiler. I’m currently working on introducing a gradual type system to Stratego. FlowSpec and Stratego are part of the Spoofax Language Workbench. I am supervised by Eelco Visser.

Country: Netherlands

Affiliation: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

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Research interests: Programming Languages


SLE 2020 Author of Gradually Typing Strategies within the SLE-track
CoCoDo 2020 Author of The Spoofax Language Workbench within the CoCoDo 2020-track
IC 2019 Author of From Whole Program Compilation to Incremental Compilation: A Critical Case within the IC 2019-track
‹Programming› 2020 Author of Incremental Compilation for Stratego within the Posters-track
Author of Constructing Hybrid Incremental Compilers for Cross-Module Extensibility with an Internal Build System within the Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2018 Author of Incremental compilation for Stratego within the Posters-track
SLE 2017 Author of FlowSpec: Declarative Dataflow Analysis Specification within the SLE-track