Jens Lincke

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Name: Jens Lincke

Bio: Jens Lincke is a member of the Software Architecture group at the Hasso Plattner Institute, where he is interested in live and explorative programming (Lively Kernel). He was awarded a PhD for a thesis on evolving tools in a collaborative self-supporting development environment.

Country: Germany

Affiliation: Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam, Germany

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Research interests: Programming Tools, Programming Experience, Web Programming


PX/20Committee Member in Program Committee within the PX/20-track
COP 2019Author of Implementing Babylonian/S by Putting Examples into Contexts: Tracing Instrumentation for Example-based Live Programming as a Use Case for Context-oriented Programming within the COP 2019-track
PX/19Session Chair of Session 1 (part of PX/19)
Author of PolyJuS: A Squeak/Smalltalk-based Polyglot Notebook System for the GraalVM within the PX/19-track
‹Programming› 2019Author of Exploratory and Live, Programming and Coding: A Literature Study Comparing Perspectives on Liveness within the Research Papers-track
Author of Babylonian-Style Programming: Design and Implementation of an Integration of Live Examples into General-purpose Source Code within the Research Papers-track
COP 2018Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the COP-track
Session Chair of Session 1 (part of COP)
Session Chair of Session 2 (part of COP)
PX/17.2Author of Living in your Programming Environment: Enabling Exploratory Programming for Productivity Tools within the PX/17.2-track
Author of Towards Concept-aware Programming Environments for Guiding Software Modularity within the PX/17.2-track
Author of Designing a Live Development Experience for Web Components within the PX/17.2-track
COP 2017Programme Committee in Program Committee within the COP-17-track
Author of The Declarative Nature of Implicit Layer Activation within the COP-17-track
COP 2016Committee Member in Program Committee within the COP-track
LASSY 2016Author of Compatibility Layers for Interface Mediation at Run-time within the LASSY 2016-track
LaMOD'16Author of Multi-level Debugging for Interpreter Developers within the Language Modularity-track
CROW 2016Committee Member in Program Committee within the CROW 2016-track
Author of Reactive Object Queries within the CROW 2016-track
Onward! 2016Author of A World of Active Objects for Work and Play: The First Ten Years of Lively within the Onward! Essays-track
Future Programming Workshop 2015Author of Lively Groups: Shared Behavior in a World of Objects without Classes or Prototypes within the Future Programming Workshop-track
COP 2015Committee Member in Program Committee within the COP-track
Author of Keynote: ContextJS and Lively Kernel: Safely Evolving a Self-supporting Development Environment with COP within the COP-track
Author of Efficient Layered Method Execution in ContextAmber within the COP-track
Onward! 2014Author of Interleaving of Modification and Use in Data-driven Tool Development within the Onward! Papers-track