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The guiding motivation for Martin’s work is the scalability of experiential learning. He has led the flagship programming course CS1101S for first-year students of the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore (NUS) since 2012, founded the experiential course CS4215 Programming Language Implementation, and extensively subscribes to SoC’s project-based course CP3108 for experiential learning.

The work on CS1101S culminated in the textbook Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, JavaScript Edition, by Harold Abelson and Gerald J. Sussman, adapted to JavaScript by Martin Henz and Tobias Wrigstad with Julie Sussman, published by MIT Press in April 2022. Martin is the initiator of the Source Academy, an immersive online experiential environment for learning programming used in CS1101S and at the University of San Francisco. He designs and develops open-source software on GitHub, co-founded the software company Workforce Optimizer Pte Ltd with Alan Sevugan, and supervised Rahul Singhal’s PhD, which led to the formation of the education-A.I. company Cerebry.

Martin founded the multidisciplinary initiatives NUS Seafarers, a programme for maritime exploration that was active 2017-2020, FrogWorks, a prototyping studio at the iDP in the NUS Faculty of Engineering that was active 2011-2016, and The Physics of Sailing, a collaboration with NUS physics professors that was active 2011-2017.

Affiliation:National University of Singapore
Research interests:Computer science education


SIGCSE TS 2023 Author of Source Academy: A Web-based Environment for Learning Programming with SICP within the Demos-track
Author of Community-driven Course and Tool Development for CS1 within the Papers-track
Author of 'Early X or Late X' Questions for Discussing Curricular Practices in CS1 and CS2 within the Lightning Talks-track
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Co-chair in Program Committee within the SPLASH-E-track
Session Chair of Morning 2 (part of SPLASH-E)
Scheme 2022 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Scheme-track
SPLASH 2021 Author of Ruggedizing CS1 Robotics: Tools and Approaches for Online Teaching within the SPLASH-E-track
Author of Shrinking JavaScript for CS1 within the SPLASH-E-track
Author of A Stepper for a Functional JavaScript Sublanguage within the SPLASH-E-track
Author of Teachable Moments in Functional Audio Processing within the SPLASH-E-track
Scheme 2020 Keynote Speaker of SICP JS: Ketchup on Caviar? within the Scheme 2020-track
SPLASH 2019 Invited Speaker of Scalability of Experiential Programming Courses within the SPLASH-E-track