Ritu Kapur

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Name:Ritu Kapur

I work as a Postdoc Fellow at University of Sannio Italy, and am a Ph.D. Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar.

Broad Area of Research: Automated Software Engineering, Knowledge-based Engineering, Applied ML, and Empirical Software Engineering.

Research Problem: My recent works include developing various Knowledge-warehouses and expert systems for the automation of SDLC tasks. Some of them include:

  1. A Defect Estimator for Source Code: Linking Bug Reports With Programming Constructs Usage Metrics. ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM), 29.2 (2020): 1-35.
  2. OSS effort estimation using software features similarity and developer activity-based metrics. [review/rebuttal process in ACM TOSEM ]
  3. Towards a Knowledge warehouse and expert system for the automation of SDLC tasks. 2019 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software and System Processes ( ICSSP ), 25 - 26 May 2019.
  4. Using Paragraph Vectors to improve our existing code review assisting tool-CRUSO. [accepted in ISEC 2021 ]
  5. Quantum Computing Platforms: Assessing Impact on Quality Attributes and Software Development Life Cycle Activities. [accepted in ICSA 2021 .]
  6. BloatLibD: Detecting Irrelevant Libraries in Java Applications. [accepted in ENASE 2021 .]

You may please view the details on my personal homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/ritu-kapur

Affiliation:University of Sannio
Research interests:Automated Software Engineering, Knowledge-based Engineering, Mining Software Repositories, Empirical software engineering, Open Source, and Applied Machine Learning.


EASE 2021 Video Chair in Organizing Committee
ASE 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Late Breaking Results-track
SPLASH 2021 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the OOPSLA Artifacts-track
ESEC/FSE 2021 Session Chair of Dependability—Cyber-Physical Systems 1 (part of Research Papers)
Author of A Defect Estimator for Source Code: Linking Defect Reports with Programming Constructs Usage Metrics within the Journal First-track
ISSTA 2021 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the Artifact Evaluation-track
ICSE 2022 Committee Member in SEIS within the SEIS - Software Engineering in Society-track
ICSSP 2019 Author of Towards a Knowledge Warehouse and Expert System for the Automation of SDLC Tasks within the ICSSP 2019-track