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Rodric Rabbah is an accomplished entrepreneur and technologist. He founded Nimbella, a serverless cloud company that was successfully acquired by DigitalOcean, where he led the launch of DigitalOcean Functions. He is the main creator and developer behind Apache OpenWhisk, the premier open-source platform for serverless computing. He created OpenWhisk while at IBM Research, where he also led the development and operations of IBM Cloud Functions. Rodric is passionate about delivering exceptional developer experiences, enabling new classes of applications to take advantage of serverless computing, and pushing the boundaries of cloud technologies. Currently, Rodric is working at the intersection of visual programming, AI-assisted programming, and serverless computing. He is the Head of Product for a new offering called Flows at Postman, a rapidly growing developer tools company with the world’s leading API platform.

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Research interests:serverless computing, programming languages, developer tools