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Name:Takeshi Tsukada
Affiliation:Chiba University, Japan


POPL 2022 Author of Software Model-Checking as Cyclic-Proof Search within the POPL-track
APLAS 2021 Author of Termination Analysis for the $\pi$-Calculus by Reduction to Sequential Program Termination within the Research Papers-track
PEPM 2021 Author of Counterexample Generation for Program Verification based on Ownership Refinement Types within the PEPM 2021-track
APLAS 2020 Author of A New Refinement Type System for Automated nu-HFLZ Validity Checking within the Research Papers-track
SAS 2020 Author of Predicate Abstraction and CEGAR for nuHFL(Z) Validity Checking within the SAS-track
ICFP 2021 Author of CPS Transformation with Affine Types for Call-By-Value Implicit Polymorphism within the Research Papers-track
ICFP 2020 Author of Signature restriction for polymorphic algebraic effects within the ICFP Program-track
APLAS 2019 Ordinary PC member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
Author of A Type-Based HFL Model Checking Algorithm within the Research Papers-track
PEPM 2019 Author of Reduction from Branching-Time Property Verification of Higher-Order Programs to HFL Validity Checking within the PEPM 2019-track
ESOP 2019 Author of A Categorical Model of an i/o-typed pi-calculus within the ESOP 2019-track
ICFP 2019 Committee Member in External Review Committee within the Research Papers-track
FSCD 2017 Author of Streett Automata Model Checking of Higher-Order Recursion Schemes within the FSCD 2017-track
PEPM 2017 Author of Verification of Code Generators via Higher-Order Model Checking within the PEPM 2017-track
ICFP 2016 Author of Automatically Disproving Fair Termination of Higher-Order Functional Programs within the Research Papers-track