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Name: Thomas Wuerthinger

Affiliation: Oracle Labs

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PLDI 2020Committee Member in External Review Committee within the PLDI Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2019Author of Initialize Once, Start Fast: Application Initialization at Build Time within the OOPSLA-track
CurryOn 2018Author of Code into Data: Embedding programs into datastores with GraalVM within the Curry On Talks-track
PLDI 2019Author of Renaissance: Benchmarking Suite for Parallel Applications on the JVM within the PLDI Research Papers-track
VMIL 2018Author of A Cost Model for a Graph-Based Intermediate-Representation in a Dynamic Compiler within the VMIL 2018-track
‹Programming› 2018Author of Fast, Flexible, Polyglot Instrumentation Support for Debuggers and other Tools within the Research Papers-track
ICOOOLPS 2017Author of Can Compiler Magic Ever Be Explained? within the ICOOOLPS 2017-track
Scala 2017Author of Making Collection Operations Optimal with Aggressive JIT Compilation within the Scala 2017-track
PLDI 2018Committee Member in External Review Committee
CC 2017Author of One Compiler: Deoptimization to Optimized Code within the Research Papers-track
VMIL 2016Author of Bringing Low-Level Languages to the JVM: Efficient Execution of LLVM IR on Truffle within the VMIL-track
PLDI 2017Author of Practical Partial Evaluation for High-Performance Dynamic Language Runtimes within the PLDI Research Papers-track
DLS 2015Author of High-Performance Cross-Language Interoperability in a Multi-Language Runtime within the DLS-track
Truffle 2015Session Chair of Welcome (part of Truffle)
Author of Introduction within the Truffle-track
Program Co-Chair in Program Committee within the Truffle-track
PLAS 2015Author of Memory-safe Execution of C on a Java VM within the PLAS-track
PLDI 2015Committee Member in External Review Committee within the Research Papers-track