Y. Annie Liu

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Name:Y. Annie Liu

Y. Annie Liu is Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. Her primary research is in languages and algorithms, especially on systematic methods for design and optimization. The methods are centered around incrementalization—the discrete counterpart of differentiation in calculus. Besides research and service, she also enjoys teaching. She has taught in a wide range of Computer Science areas, and presented over 100 conference and invited talks worldwide. She received her BS from Peking University, MEng from Tsinghua University, and PhD from Cornell University, all in Computer Science.

Annie Liu’s Design and Analysis Research Laboratory has projects in modeling and specification, analysis and verification, design and optimization, code generation, and testing. These projects are for optimizing compilers, interactive environments, real-time and embedded systems, database systems, semantic Web, distributed systems, big data analysis, security, and more. Her awards include a State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Stony Brook University
Research interests:Languages and algorithms, especially systematic analysis and transformation for design and optimization. Optimizing compilers, interactive environments, database systems, distributed computing, and security.


PLDI 2023 Committee Member of High-Level Executable Specification and Reasoning for Improving Distributed Algorithms within the Workshops and Tutorials-track
PEPM 2022 Author of From meta frameworks and transformations to distributed computing and more within the PEPM 2022-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the PEPM 2022-track
LPOP 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the LPOP 2020-track
Session Chair of 10:00-- Logic in Program Specification and Analysis (part of LPOP 2020)
General Chair in General Chairs within the LPOP 2020-track
Session Chair of 13:05-- Logic and Implementation Tractability (part of LPOP 2020)
PADL 2020 Session Chair of Invited Experience and Direction Session (Continued) (part of PADL 2020)
Chair in Program Chairs within the PADL 2020-track
Session Chair of Reasoning and Efficient Implementation (part of PADL 2020)
Author of Closing within the PADL 2020-track
PEPM 2019 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PEPM 2019-track
SPLASH 2017 Speaker of What to do and who to ask? within the PL Mentoring Workshop (PLMW)-track
Speaker in PLMW Speakers within the PL Mentoring Workshop (PLMW)-track
DEBS 2017 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee
PEPM 2017 Committee Member in Programme Committee
Committee Member in Programme Committee within the PEPM 2017-track
SPLASH 2014 Presenter of Programming Distributed Algorithms within the Tutorials-track