Call for Contributions

The Hot Off the Press (HOP) track offers authors of recent papers the opportunity to present their work to the SSBSE community, by giving a talk at the conference and by optionally opting for a 2-page abstract to appear in the SSBSE 2023 proceedings published by Springer LNCS. We invite researchers to submit summaries of their own recently published work in top-tier journals and conferences. Submissions will be evaluated and selected according to their scientific quality and relevance to the SSBSE community.

We welcome contributions on (but not limited to) search-based approaches for Software Engineering (SE) that have appeared at venues different from SSBSE, papers comparing different heuristics and optimization methods in the context of SE that have appeared at a general heuristics or optimization venue, or papers, which have appeared in other venues, describing methods with relevance to the SSBSE community.

We expect all submissions to this track to highlight and clearly describe why their work is relevant to the SSBSE community, and to present the results in a language accessible to the SSBSE community.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The HOP paper must be of significant interest to the SSBSE community.
  • The HOP paper must have appeared in a well-respected journal or conference proceeding. For journal publications, it suffices that the paper is finally accepted and accessible online (papers that have not yet appeared on the publisher’s page need to provide the authors’ copy along with the proof of acceptance).
  • The HOP paper must not have been published in its final form earlier than 2022.
  • The core of the paper must not have been presented at an SSBSE symposium before.


Submitters to the HOP track have the choice between only giving a talk at the conference or giving both a talk and having their 2-page abstract appear in the SSBSE 2023 LNCS Springer Proceedings. Both formats are equally welcome and acceptance/rejection of the submission will only be based on the criteria described above, not on the choice of submission.


A submission that aims to become a 2-page paper in the SSBSE 2023 LNCS Springer Proceedings must consist of

  • the 2-page paper that shall appear in the proceedings; and
  • an optional 1-page appendix with additional details.

The 2-page paper part should give a concise description of the main results of the work in a language understood by the SSBSE community. It should also explain the particular interest to the SSBSE audience. The abstract of the 2-page paper must clearly indicate the original paper it is based on. The title of the 2-page paper must be either different from the original paper or it must be of the form “SSBSE Summary of X” where X is the original title. This part of the paper, at the moment of submission, must be in the form the authors propose for its appearance in the proceedings. The appendix (which will be used for reviewing purposes only) may contain any additional information the authors want to provide to the reviewers. This can include a complete description of the way the authors plan to present the results at the SSBSE 2023 conference, as well as a direct link to the original paper in PDF format. If the original paper appeared at a venue the reviewers might be unfamiliar with, then an explanation of its reputation is desirable.

If authors of an original paper prefer to only present their result at SSBSE 2023 without a 2-page paper appearing in the proceedings, then their submission does not need to follow the above rules but still requires them to submit a paper in LNCS format, at most 2 pages long. This 2-page paper should provide (i) a short summary of the results accessible to reviewers with a typical SBSE background, (ii) an indication of why the results are particularly interesting for the SSBSE audience, (iii) an optional description of the way the authors plan to present the results at the SSBSE 2023 conference, (iv) an explanation of the venue’s reputation if needed, and (v) a link to the original paper.

How to Submit

  • Submission site:
  • Submission opening: June 20th (Anywhere on Earth)
  • Submission deadline: Sep 1st, 2023 (Anywhere on Earth)
  • Page limit: Depending on the submission type, up to 2 pages in the Springer LNCS format, plus an optional 1-page appendix as a PDF.
  • Author agreement: By submitting a paper/presentation, the author(s) agree(s) that, if their paper is accepted, they will:
    • Submit a final, revised, camera-ready version by September 22nd, 2023
    • Register at least one author who will present the paper on December 8th, 2023
  • Notification: September 8th, 2023
  • Submission of Camera-Ready Paper: September 22nd, 2023


Submitters of a 2-page paper to appear in the proceedings have to ensure that there is no copyright conflict with the original submission. We expect that a good HOP submission which optimally addresses the SSBSE audience with 2 pages only, in almost all cases will contain a significant amount of new text. Nevertheless, it remains the authors’ duty to take care of the copyright situation. This includes the reproduction of original artwork, for which a consent of the original publisher might be required.

Accepted Papers and Presentations

If a paper/presentation is accepted, at least one author is expected to register for and attend the symposium to present the paper. If there exists a significant hardship to in-person presentation please contact the general chair ( for approval for participate remotely.

Special Issue for Best Papers

Following the conference, the authors of the best HOP submissions whose papers have appeared in conference proceedings will be invited to extend their papers for a special section on Advances in Search-Based Software Engineering at the Automated Software Engineering journal. Details may be found at

More Information

For more information, contact the SSBSE 2023 Hot-off-the-Press Track co-chairs Rebecca Moussa ( and Thomas Vogel (

Questions? Use the SSBSE Hot off the Press contact form.