CROW 2016
Mon 14 - Tue 15 March 2016 Spain
co-located with Modularity 2016

Location – University of Málaga

Modularity’16 will be held at the School of Informatics (E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática) of the University of Málaga, located at the Campus de Teatinos.

Location of the Campus de Teatinos in Malaga and E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática in the Campus

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Building of the ETSI Ingeniería Informática

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How to get to E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática


A direct line (L1) which you can take from the Train Central Station (Vialia – Maria Zambrano) whose name of the metro station is “Perchel” direction to “Andalucia Tech” (see the Metro Official Website & Metro at Google Maps). You should stop at Clinico stop and walk 2 minutes to the ETSI Ingeniería Informática, which you can see from the station (1.35€ one trip, or 0.80€ each trip if you buy a prepaid card, considering the card costs 0.30€). The Train Central Station (Vialia – Maria Zambrano), is 2 minutes walking from the Hotel Tryp Alameda, and 15 minutes from the Hotel AC Málaga Palacio.


There are several lines that take you from Málaga downtown to the University, but probably the best one is #11. Buses run every 10-15 min and the duration of the trip is between 15 and 20 min., depending on the traffic. Coming from Málaga downtown you can take it at the Alameda Ave., very close to where the recommended conference hotels are. The final stop is “Hospital Clínico”, where you should get off to go to the conference venue (the hospital is in front of the School of Informatics - ETSI Informática). The ETSI Informática is 50m. away from the bus stop, you will see the building when you get off the bus. Bus#11 is also the bus you can take to go back to the city centre. Be careful not mistaking it with bus #22, because they share stops but it serves a different part of the city. The number of the bus lines are shown both in the displays in the front and the side of the buses.

Price of Bus Ticket: 1.30€

Price of Bus Card with 10 trips (Tarjeta Transbordo): 8.30€


An alternative option to go to the conference venue is by taxi. There are taxi racks at the door or most hotels or very close to them. The duration of the trip by taxi from the city centre to the ETS Ingeniería Informática is around 10 minutes (it goes up to 15 min. in early in the morning and in the afternoon), and costs around 10€.