DevOps-QM 2024
Tue 18 - Fri 21 June 2024 Salerno, Italy
co-located with EASE 2024

The Town Hall (Palazzo di Città) of the Municipality of Salerno will host all the sessions of the first day of the EASE conference (June 18), including the keynote by Mark Harman and the Doctoral Symposium.

The Town Hall is a monumental work designed by architect Camillo Guerra and built in the 1930s on an area of ​​5000 square meters. The monumental double staircase leads to the main floor where “Salone dei Marmi” (Marble Hall) is located. In 1944, when Salerno became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy during the Second World War, Salone dei Marmi hosted the first meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Government of National Unity. The walls of the room, almost completely covered in polychrome marble, feature a large frieze painted by the Salerno artist Pasquale Avallone, depicting the salient moments of the city’s history. The nearby “Sala del Gonfalone” is characterized by a splendid glass block coffered ceiling. In the external corridor, you can admire the bronze statues sculpted by Gaetano Chiaromonte, which were originally placed outside the Palace.


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