Boxer Salon 2022
Mon 21 - Fri 25 March 2022
co-located with ‹Programming› 2022

‹Programming› Online: April 11–14

The online venue is scheduled for April 11–14 as a combination of live plenary sessions (Zoom | 740246) and breakout rooms (Discord).

Please register via our registration page.

(Please try to register 24h prior to the event or contact us otherwise.)

Note on time slots

We have been very conscious over the past couple of years that our colleagues in Asia and Oceania have often had to attend meetings at very unsocial hours, including to attend previous editions of the ‹Programming› conference.

This year we’re trying to redress that balance a little by selecting a time around what is best for them, whilst scheduling short sessions to minimize the effects of endless virtual meetings.

We have explored and discussed a range of different alternatives and have selected one that we think balances simplicity and liveness and is an attempt at a feeling of presence at the event.

We are aware that the timing involved in these presentations will make it difficult for many to attend, especially those in the Americas. We recognize that it cannot be satisfactory for everyone, and apologize for that.

We hope that many of you will be able to attend in spite of these challenges, as we keep the community together through the end of this period.

Workshops: March 16, 21, 22, and 25

Although the conference days (March 23-24) will be exclusively in-person, the workshops and tutorials may follow a hybrid format.

Online rooms will be shared by the organizers, directly to those registered, well before the sessions take place, and in addition posted as will in the respective session pages of this website.