FormaliSE 2023
Dates to be announced Melbourne, Australia
co-located with ICSE 2023

We are pleased to provide more information regarding the session you are chairing at ICSE 2023 to be held in Melbourne and 14 – 20 May 2023.

All Chairs are expected to participate in-person at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Please refer to the online program here to allocate the session and time in which you are chairing in. Please note the schedule is subject to change.

The role of the Chair at ICSE 2023 will be vital to the success of the conference. The following is what we ask of all of our Chairs.

  • Ensure your session starts on time and all-time limits are adhered to
  • Make yourself familiar with the room and all AV equipment
  • Download the Conference App! This tool can be used to check the most up-to-date program
  • Manage the audience questions and panel discussions


All rooms are equipped with a smart lectern, microphone and main screen. Presentations will be played through the lectern and hyperlinked directly from the session title slides.


Please make sure you arrive to your sessions room at least 10 minutes before the session is due to begin.


Use these 10 minutes wisely!

  • Check on the smart lectern or with the AV Technician that all presentations are received, should a Presenter not have provided their presentation you will need to send them immediately to the Speakers Preparation room to avoid disruption of your session
  • Explain to the Presenters how you plan to run the session the time limitations and how you will enforce them
  • Re-confirm the pronunciation of each Presenter’s name and the details of how they would prefer to be introduced


Can Presenters use their own laptop for their presentation?

No, to avoid disruption of the session, we have asked all Presenters to provide their presentation in advance to the speaker’s preparation room so that it is presented through the onsite equipment seamlessly. All Presenters should discuss any queries they have about their presentation with the technicians located in the speaker’s preparation room.


What if a Presenter is running late?

To ensure the program runs to schedule you will need to start your session on time no matter if you have a missing or late Presenter. We ask that if you have a missing presenter, you simply wait the missing presentation time and resume as per the schedule.


What if I have a Presenter joining the session via zoom?

If a Presenter has been approved to present via zoom, they would have been sent instructions on how to do so. You will still introduce them and the AV Technician or Student Volunteer will be responsible for displaying them to delegates on the screen.


What if I face an issue during my session?

There are AV Technicians in some session rooms that can assist with any technical issues you may face. Alternatively, for any other issues please visit the registration desk and someone will be able to assist you further.