OSS 2021
Wed 12 May 2021

Online platform

This year the conference is arranged virtually on Zoom (webinar version) and Slack. Zoom will provide the main method of communication, and Slack will add asynchronous messaging, for example if participants want to reach out and discuss more with the presenters during a break. In the Zoom webinar version, presenters will be visible and audible normally to everyone and participants’ audio/video is off. During Q&A or panel discussions, participants can have audio enabled to engage with the presenters. Since our conference is a single track event, the entire conference occurs in the same webinar room.

Public stream

We will additionally stream all keynotes and presentations publicly, for the members of our community who are interested, but were not able to attend. You will find this link on our conference front page on the day of the event. If possible, the stream recording will be available for a limited few days’ duration after the conference.

The conference will be streamed live via Zoom webinar

Update 12th of May: Zoom - YouTube cloud connection is not working currently. Please join to view using the public Zoom webinar link above.

How to join

Information email was sent out to all participants was sent out on the 6th of May and the Zoom links will be sent out on the 10th of May. Participants will receive a shared Zoom audience link and presenters will receive a separate Zoom invitation. The information email should also contain also a link to join OSS 2021 Slack.

There will be an opportunity test the technology setup, at 6PM to 7PM (Finnish time) on Tuesday, 11th of May. There will be also a separate “tech test and support” Zoom room for people to test their microphone and get tech support from Sergio or Francesco during the conference.

If you did not receive an invite link or if you have any questions, please contact the conference virtualization chair Antti Knutas (antti dot knutas at lut dot fi). Antti Knutas plus assistants Sergio and Francesco will also be available on Slack to troubleshoot during the day of the event.

If you are a session chair and need more details about the arrangements, please reach out to the virtualization chair. He will be available to manage the Zoom environment for the duration of the conference.


Q: I accidentally joined as a participant, but I need to present at the next session.

A: Please send a message to virtualization chair Antti Knutas, Sergio, or Francesco on Zoom. They will change your status you to presenter.

Q: I have not received the participation link or an invite to Slack.

A: Please send an email to virtualization chair Antti Knutas. He will re-send you the invite through email.

Q: I have connectivity problems during my presentation.

A: Make sure that you have uploaded your presentation video in advance.