STAF 2024
Mon 8 - Thu 11 July 2024 Enschede, Netherlands

Conference Reception Monday July 08, 2024 from 1800-2130

The conference reception will be held in the foyer of the university building, Technohal. This building is located next to the venue where the conference and workshop sessions will take place. Primarily used for labs associated with the university’s technical medicine program, Technohal also features a large foyer frequently utilized for social events and educational activities. You can download campus map from here


Conference Dinner Wednesday July 10, 2024 from 1800-2130

Did you know that weaving also use “punch cards” and that these cards resemble 0-1 patterns? You can see it happening first hand during our conference dinner.

The conference dinner will be in De Museumfabriek (official website).

De Museumfabriek in Enschede, located in the Roombeek district, is an innovative museum that focuses on the intersection of nature, culture, science, and technology. It is a vibrant space that encourages active participation rather than passive observation.

De Museumfabriek is housed in a former textile factory, reflecting Enschede’s industrial heritage. It was established by merging several smaller museums, including a natural history museum, a textile museum, and a cultural history collection​.

For more information, you can visit their official website here.

Address: De Museumfabriek, Het Rozendaal 11, 7523 XG Enschede (further route information (in NL))

How to reach there?

By car to De Museumfabriek:

Enter the street Roomweg in your navigation system, Het Rozendaal is not yet known in most navigation systems! On the Roomweg you will find ample parking. For disabled people there are 2 parking spaces available on the Stroinksbleekweg.

With public transport

You need to get either bus 1 from Hallenweg or Bus 9 from Kennispark stop towards Enschede city center.

At Enschede station you can take city bus No. 2 (towards Deppenbroek), No. 60 (towards Oldenzaal), No. 61 (towards Overdinkel) or No. 62 (towards Denekamp) and then get off at the ‘Roombeek’ stop. From there it is just a 2-minute walk to the museum entrance. Route could be checked on

To walk

The museum can be reached in about 44 minutes on foot from the conference location. View the walking route on Google Maps here .