Fri 19 Aug 2022 21:40 - 22:10 at Wallaby - Safety Requirements Engineering Chair(s): Xiao Liu

Autonomous Driving Systems (ADSs) are complex systems that must satisfy multiple safety requirements. In particular cases, all the requirements cannot be satisfied at the same time, and the control software of the ADS must make trade-offs among their satisfaction. Usually, the trading-offs in the decision-making process are configurable; different configuration options can affect driving behaviors, satisfying or violating requirements at different degrees. Therefore, it is highly important to know whether a configuration can guarantee a safe drive or not, i.e., whether it leads to the requirement violations that exceed the allowable range or not. However, there is currently no approach to systematically assess the safety of ADS configurations from the perspective of requirements violations. To bridge this gap, this paper proposes a ‘‘Hierarchical Safety Assessment’’ approach (HSA) that is able to quantitatively analyze violation severity of safety requirements and distinguish safer ADS configurations based on the requirements violations comparison done in a hierarchical way by following requirements importance. We apply HSA to an industrial ADS under six traffic situations. Evaluation results show that HSA is effective in distinguishing safer configurations and provides useful feedback to ADS engineers to reconfigure the ADS in a better way.

Fri 19 Aug

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21:40 - 22:40
Safety Requirements EngineeringRE@Next! Papers / Research Papers at Wallaby
Chair(s): Xiao Liu School of Information Technology, Deakin University
Hierarchical Assessment of Safety Requirements for Configurations of Autonomous Driving SystemsAvailable
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Yixing Luo Peking University, Xiao-Yi Zhang National Institute of Informatics, Japan, Paolo Arcaini National Institute of Informatics , Zhi Jin Peking University, Haiyan Zhao Peking University, Linjuan Zhang Peking University, Fuyuki Ishikawa National Institute of Informatics
Requirements Engineering for Safety-Critical Molecular Programs
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Robyn Lutz Iowa State University