Requirements elicitation interviews are the most commonly used elicitation technique. Thus, they are a fundamental pillar for the quality of software, since misunderstandings and omissions in this phase could be transferred to the requirements specification, the design, and even the final product, before being detected. Given the importance of elicitation interviews, approaches have been proposed to improve their quality. One of the approaches, called SaPeer (Self-Assessment and Peer Review), argues on the importance of reviewing requirements elicitation interviews for mistakes, as done for other requirements artefacts. In this tutorial, participants will learn the SaPeer method, and how to apply it for teaching interviews to students. Furthermore, they will learn how to conduct requirements elicitation interviews, and the typical mistakes to avoid. They will have the possibility to experience a requirements elicitation interview themselves, and assess the quality of their own interview. The tutorial is oriented to young researchers who want to learn the art of interviewing, and to educators, who will learn an effective method to teach this art.

Mon 15 Aug

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19:00 - 21:20
Requirements Elicitation Interviews: a Hands-on Tutorial with the SaPeer MethodTutorials at Dunnart
Requirements Elicitation Interviews: a Hands-on Tutorial with the SaPeer Method
P: Alessio Ferrari CNR-ISTI, P: Paola Spoletini Kennesaw State University, P: Muneera Bano CSIRO's Data61, P: Didar Zowghi CSIRO's Data61 and UNSW Sydney