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Tue 16 Nov 2021 17:30 - 17:50 at Grand Auditorium - Experience Report & Regulation Chair(s): Gurvan LE GUERNIC

A key element in the evolution of digital protection, cybersecurity automation offers new perspectives for dealing with an ever-increasing number of efficient crimes. Legally, the issue of automation calls upon legal concepts derived from several decades of court decisions.

Between legislative evolutions and the use of classical principles, the questions that arise for the jurist faced with the automation of cybersecurity can be grouped around the accountability of the actors of the automation. If it is accepted that automation stricto sensus cannot be legally responsible, the question of identifying responsibilities is major. In addition, and in a legal universe marked in particular by the GDPR, it is appropriate to cross the first question with the delicate question of the management of personal data related to the automation of cybersecurity.

Tue 16 Nov

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