ICPC 2018
Sun 27 - Mon 28 May 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Reading and understanding source code is a major task in soft- ware development. Code comprehension depends on the quality of code, which is impacted by code structure and identifier nam- ing. In this paper we empirically investigated whether longer but more descriptive identifier names improve code comprehension compared to short names, as they represent useful information in more detail. In a web-based study 88 Java developers were asked to locate a semantic defect in source code snippets. With descrip- tive identifier names, developers spent more time in the lines of code before the actual defect occurred and changed their reading direction less often, finding the semantic defect about 14% faster than with shorter but less descriptive identifier names. These ef- fects disappeared when developers searched for a syntax error, i.e., when no in-depth understanding of the code was required. Interest- ingly, the style of identifier names had a clear impact on program comprehension for more experienced developers but not for less experienced developers.

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Sun 27 May

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09:00 - 10:30
Opening, Vision Keynote, and Developer ObservationTechnical Research at J1 room
Chair(s): Chanchal K. RoyUniversity of Saskatchewan, Foutse KhomhPolytechnique Montréal, Katsuro InoueOsaka University
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Welcome to ICPC 2018
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Foutse KhomhPolytechnique Montréal, Chanchal K. RoyUniversity of Saskatchewan
Sensing and Supporting Software Developer's Focus (Vision Keynote)Vision Keynote
Technical Research
Manuela ZuegerUniversity of Zurich, Thomas FritzUniversity of Zurich, University of British Columbia
Code Phonology: an exploration into the vocalization of codeERA
Technical Research
Felienne Hermans, Alaaeddin SwidanDelft University of Technology, Efthimia AivaloglouOpen University of the Netherlands
Meaningful Variable Names for Decompiled Code: A Machine Translation ApproachTechnical Research
Technical Research
Alan JaffeCarnegie Mellon University, Jeremy LacomisCarnegie Mellon University, Edward SchwartzCarnegie Mellon University, Claire Le GouesCarnegie Mellon University, Bogdan VasilescuCarnegie Mellon University
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Descriptive Compound Identifier Names Improve Source Code ComprehensionTechnical Research
Technical Research
Andrea SchankinKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Annika BergerKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Daniel HoltHeidelberg University, Johannes HofmeisterUniversity of Passau, Till RiedelKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Michael BeiglKarlsruhe Institute of Technology