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Sun 10 - Sat 16 October 2021
Thu 14 Oct 2021 23:40 - 23:50 at Room 1 - Machine learning and Recommender systems II Chair(s): Antonio Cicchetti

Model-driven optimization has gained much interest in the last years which resulted in several dedicated extensions for in-place model transformation engines. The main idea is to exploit domain-specific languages to define models which are optimized by applying a set of model transformation rules. Objectives are guiding the optimization processes which are currently mostly realized by meta-heuristic searchers such as different kinds of Genetic Algorithms. However, meta-heuristic search approaches are currently challenged by reinforcement learning approaches for solving optimization problems.

In this new idea paper, we apply for the first time reinforcement learning for in-place model transformations. In particular, we extend an existing model-driven optimization approach with reinforcement learning techniques. We experiment with value-based and policy-based techniques. We run several case studies for validating the feasibility of using reinforcement learning for model-driven optimization and compare the performance against existing approaches. The initial evaluation shows promising results but also helped in identifying a dedicated research roadmap for the whole community.

Thu 14 Oct

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23:00 - 00:00
Machine learning and Recommender systems IITechnical Papers at Room 1
Chair(s): Antonio Cicchetti Mälardalen University
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