Scala 2016
Sun 30 - Mon 31 October 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
co-located with SPLASH 2016
Mon 31 Oct 2016 15:40 - 16:05 at Matterhorn 2 - Parsing

It is difficult to verify that the popular implementations of CSS layout match the specification, due to the very different languages being used. We hope to bridge this gap by formalising the specification using attribute grammars, which are formulae for specifying tree computations. Kiama is a language processing library that uses Scala’s pattern matching syntax as a baseline for defining attribute formulae. This format is useful for defining a formula for many production rules in one place. Further, Kiama 2.0 introduced the ability to interrogate the structure of a tree using extractor patterns, which allows us to write tree matching patterns that match not only downwards on the tree, but also upwards or sideways. We have also been using extractor patterns to grant easy access to commonly used attributes, and to express the attributes in a language that closely resembles the CSS specification.

Mon 31 Oct

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15:40 - 17:20
Using Scala’s pattern matching features for an attribute grammar formalisation of the CSS layout specification
Scott Buckley Macquarie University, Australia
The sbt-rats Parser Generator Plugin for Scala (Tool Paper)
Anthony Sloane Macquarie University, Australia, Franck Cassez Macquarie University, Australia, Scott Buckley Macquarie University, Australia
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