APSEC 2023
Mon 4 - Thu 7 December 2023 Seoul, South Korea
Hiroshi Maruyama

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Name:Hiroshi Maruyama

Dr. Hiroshi Maruyama has spent 26 years in IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory, working on various computer science areas such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine translation, hand-writing recognition, multimedia, XML, Web Services, and security. He was the director of IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory from 2006 to 2009. From 2011 to 2016, he was a professor at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics where he worked on projects related to big data, statistics, and their impacts on society. He joined Preferred Networks, Inc. in April 2016 as the chief strategy officer. His current research interests include practical applications of machine learning, social implications of information technology and machine learning, and computer science and statistics in general. Currently he is an Executive Fellow at Kao Corporation, a PFN Fellow at Preferred Networks, and a project professor at the Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering at the University of Tokyo.

Affiliation:Preferred Networks


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