Andrei Chiş

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Name: Andrei Chiş

Bio: Andrei Chiș acts as a tool crafter at feenk building moldable tools and techniques for improving the way we develop, comprehend and evolve software. He is a co-author of the Glamorous Toolkit and a core contributor to both the Moose analysis platform and the Pharo programming language. Andrei holds a PhD from the University of Bern. In his PhD work he maintained that integrated development environments have to be moldable, that is, they have to be aware of the application under development and enable rapid customizations to new applications and tasks. To make this vision possible he proposed the Moldable Tools approach, applied it to obtain tools like the Moldable Debugger and Moldable Inspector, and showed how a moldable development environment can significantly improve the development productivity.

Affiliation: feenk, Switzerland

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Research interests: Software engineering, Programming Environments, Software Visualizations, Debugging


SLE 2021 Steering Committee Member in Steering Committee within the SLE-track
SLE 2019 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee within the SLE 2019-track
CoCoDo 2019 Author of PetitParser within the CoCoDo 2019-track
SLE 2018 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee within the SLE 2018-track
PLATEAU 2017 Author of Sympathy for the Devil: Reified Collection of Runtime Errors within the PLATEAU 2017-track
SLE 2017 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee within the SLE-track
PX 2016 Author of Exemplifying Moldable Development. within the PX-track
Onward! 2016 Author of Moldable, Context-Aware Searching with Spotter within the Onward! Papers-track
SLE 2016 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee within the SLE-track
PLATEAU 2015 Author of Towards moldable development tools within the PLATEAU-track
SPLASH 2016 Author of Towards Object-Aware Development Tools within the Student Research Competition-track
Onward! 2015 Author of The Moldable Inspector within the Onward! Papers-track
SPLASH 2015 Author of GTInspector: A Moldable Domain-Aware Object Inspector within the Demos-track
Author of Spotter: Towards a Unified Search Interface in IDEs within the Posters-track