Christoph Mayr-Dorn

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Name:Christoph Mayr-Dorn
Research interests:Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, Change Impact Analysis


MSR 2023 Author of The ABLoTS Approach for Bug Localization: is it replicable and generalizable? within the Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2023 Author of RAT: A Refactoring-Aware Traceability Model for Bug Localization within the Technical Track-track
ASE 2022 Author of Scalable Sampling of Highly-Configurable Systems: Generating Random Instances of the Linux Kernel within the Research Papers-track
RoSE 2022 Author of Evaluating PDDL for programming production cells: a case study within the RoSE 2022-track
ICSE 2021 Author of Guiding engineers with the Passive Process Engine Environment within the DEMO - Demonstrations-track
Author of Inconsistency-tolerating guidance for software engineering processes within the NIER - New Ideas and Emerging Results-track
Author of Supporting Quality Assurance with Automated Process-Centric Quality Constraints Checking within the Technical Track-track
RoSE 2021 Author of Considerations for using Block-Based Languages for Industrial Robot Programming -- a Case Study within the RoSE 2021-track
ICSSP/ICGSE 2021 Author of Do Communities in Developer Interaction Networks Align with Subsystem Developer Teams? An Empirical Study of Open Source Systems within the Research Papers-track
Author of TaskAllocator: A Recommendation Approach for Role-based Tasks Allocation in Agile Software Development within the Research Papers-track
Committee Member in Doctoral Symposium PC Members within the Doctoral Track-track
Mentor in Doctoral Symposium Mentors within the Doctoral Track-track
MSR 2021 Author of A Traceability Dataset for Open Source Systems within the Data Showcase-track
ICSE 2020 Programme Committee in Program Committee within the Technical Papers-track
Author of TimeTracer: A Tool for Back in Time Traceability Replaying within the Demonstrations-track
MSR 2020 Author of A Mixed Graph-Relational Dataset of Socio-technicalInteractions in Open Source Systems within the Data Showcase-track
ICSSP 2020 Author of Process Inspection Support: an Industrial Case Study within the ICSSP 2020-track
ICSE 2019 Author of Supporting the Statistical Analysis of Variability Models within the Technical Track-track
ICSSP 2019 Author of Using Constraint Mining to Analyze Software Development Processes within the ICSSP 2019-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Does the Propagation of Artifact Changes across Tasks reflect Work Dependencies? within the Technical Papers -track