L. Thomas van Binsbergen

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Name:L. Thomas van Binsbergen

Thomas van Binsbergen is investigating modular techniques for the specification of the semantics and syntax of software languages and is applying these techniques for the development of meta-languages and domain-specific languages. Recent topics of interest include fundamental programming construct specification (funcons), incremental and exploratory programming environments (such as REPLs and notebooks), and domain-specific languages in the context of distributed data processing.

Van Binsbergen has developed modular techniques for describing the semantics of programming languages as part of the PLanCompS project with Peter Mosses and parser combinators for generalised top-down parsing with Adrian Johnstone and Elizabeth Scott. The results are described in his PhD thesis titled “Executable Formal Specification of Programming Languages with Reusable Components” (http://ltvanbinsbergen.nl/thesis/thesis.pdf).

Keywords: modular language definition, domain-specific languages, formal specification, modelling languages, policy-enhanced data-sharing, generalised top-down parsing, declarative programming, purely functional programming, I-MSOS, FunCons, attribute grammars, computer science education

Affiliation:University of Amsterdam
Research interests:Programming Languages, Software Languages, Domain-Specific Languages, Meta-Languages, Semantics, Syntax


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SLE 2018 Author of GLL Parsing with Flexible Combinators within the SLE 2018-track
GPCE 2018 Author of Funcons for HGMP - The Fundamental Constructs of Homogeneous Generative Meta-Programming (Short paper) within the GPCE 2018-track
PEPM 2018 Author of Checking Cryptographic API Usage with Composable Annotations (Short Paper) within the PEPM 2018-track
Parsing@SLE 2016 Author of Generalised Parsing and Combinator Parsing: a Happy Marriage? within the Parsing@SLE-track
Modularity 2016 Author of Tool Support for Component-Based Semantics (second presentation) within the Demos & Posters-track
Author of Tool Support for Component-Based Semantics within the Demos & Posters-track
PEPM 2015 Author of Linearly Ordered Attribute Grammars within the PEPM 2015-track