Michał Moskal

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Name:Michał Moskal

Michał Moskal works at Microsoft Research in Redmond on software verification, automated theorem proving, and programming languages. While working on his PhD degree at the University of Wrocław in Poland he developed Nemerle (a high-level programming language for the .NET platform) and Fx7 (a satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) solver). In 2008 he joined European Microsoft Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany and was instrumental to development of VCC—a state of the art SMT-based verifier for concurrent C programs applied to tens of thousands of lines of industrial C code. Michał continued work on VCC after his 2009 move to Microsoft Research Redmond. In late 2010, Nikolai Tillmann and Michał have started TouchDevelop—an effort to create an integrated development environment for writing programs directly on touch-enabled mobile devices (particularly phones and tablets).

Affiliation:Microsoft Research
Research interests:Programming Langauges, Software Verifiaction


VL/HCC 2022 Author of ML Blocks: A Block-Based, Graphical User Interface for Creating TinyML Models within the Research Papers-track
LCTES 2018 Author of MakeCode and CODAL: Intuitive and Efficient Embedded Systems Programming for Education within the LCTES 2018-track
PEPM 2015 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PEPM 2015-track
PROMOTO Committee Member in Program Committee within the PROMOTO-track
SPLASH 2011 Author of TouchStudio - Programming Cloud-Connected Mobile Devices via Touchscreen within the Onward! -track