Phil Trinder

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Name:Phil Trinder
Affiliation:University of Glasgow


Erlang 2023 PC Member in Program Committee within the Erlang 2023-track
Erlang 2022 Author of CAEFL: Composable and Environment Aware Federated Learning Models within the Erlang 2022-track
Author of A Reliability Benchmark for Actor-Based Server Languages within the Erlang 2022-track
FHPNC 2021 Author of Improving GHC Haskell NUMA Profiling within the FHPNC 2021-track
DLS 2020 Author of Pricing Python Parallelism: A Dynamic Language Cost Model for Heterogeneous Platforms within the DLS 2020-track
Erlang 2020 PC Member in Program Committee within the Erlang 2020-track
PPoPP 2020 Author of YewPar: Skeletons for Exact Combinatorial Search within the Main Conference-track
DLS 2019 Author of Python Programmers have GPUs too: Automatic Python Loop Parallelization with Staged Dependence Analysis within the DLS 2019-track
FHPC 2017 Session Chair of Compilation (part of FHPC 2017)
Co-chair of Welcome to FHPC'17 within the FHPC 2017-track
Co-chair in Program Committee within the FHPC 2017-track
Session Chair of Demo and Panel (part of FHPC 2017)
Erlang 2016 Author of Towards Reliable and Scalable Robot Communication within the Erlang-track
Author of A Scalable Reliable Instant Messenger using the SD Erlang Libraries within the Erlang-track
FHPC 2016 Author of JIT Costing Adaptive Skeletons for Performance Portability within the FHPC-track
PMLDC 2016 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PMLDC-track