Sen Chen

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Name:Sen Chen
Affiliation:Tianjin University
Research interests:Mobile Security, AI Security, Open-Source Security, and Intelligent Software Development and Testing


ASE 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Student Research Competition-track
Author of Automated Third-party Library Detection for Android Applications: Are We There Yet? within the Research Papers-track
ICSE 2021 Author of Why an Android App is Classified as Malware? Towards Malware Classification Interpretation within the Journal-First Papers-track
Author of ATVHunter: Reliable Version Detection of Third-Party Libraries for Vulnerability Identification in Android Apps within the Technical Track-track
ASE 2019 Author of An Empirical Study towards Characterizing Deep Learning Development and Deployment across Different Frameworks and Platforms within the Research Papers-track
ICSE 2020 Author of An Empirical Assessment of Security Risks of Global Android Banking Apps within the Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2019 Author of StoryDroid: Automated Generation of Storyboard for Android Apps within the Technical Track-track
Author of Large-scale Empirical Study on Industrial Fake Apps within the Software Engineering in Practice-track
ESEC/FSE 2018 Author of Are Mobile Banking Apps Secure? What Can be Improved? within the Industry-track
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Large-Scale Analysis of Framework-Specific Exceptions in Android Apps within the Technical Papers -track