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Name:Tom Mens

Prof. Dr. Tom Mens obtained a PhD in Science in 1999 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He became a lecturer at the University of Mons (UMONS) in October 2003, where he is currently full professor, director of the Software Engineering Lab, and vice-president of the INFORTECH Research Institute. His research interests include software evolution, quality and health management of software ecosystems, and software modeling. He co-organises the ICSE Software Health (SoHeal) workshops, and co-edited two Springer books “Software Evolution” and “Evolving Software Systems”. He published numerous highly-cited scientific articles in peer-reviewed international software engineering conferences and journals. He was keynote speaker for ICSME 2016 and program chair of ICSM 2013, CSMR 2012 and CSMR 2011. He is project leader of the FNRS-FRQ Québec-Wallonie collaborative research project “Socio-Technical Methodology and Analysis of Software Ecosystem Health” and the joint Belgian FNRS-FWO Excellence of Science project “Automated Assistance for Developing Software in Ecosys- tems of the Future”. He is a senior member of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society member, and member of the ACM.

Affiliation:University of Mons
Research interests:empirical software engineering, software evolution, software ecosystem, software quality, software modelling, software health