Umang Mathur

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Name:Umang Mathur

My research interests span Formal Methods and Logic and their applications to Programming Languages, Software Engineering and Cyber-Physical Systems. I like to explore and re-investigate the foundations of traditional solutions for intractable problems arising in testing, verification and synthesis of software systems.

Twitter: @mathur_umang

Country:United States
Affiliation:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research interests:Formal Methods, Programming Languages, Software Engineering


ESEC/FSE 2021 Author of Checking LTL[F,G,X] on Compressed Traces in Polynomial Time within the Research Papers-track
POPL 2021 Author of [T3] Dynamic Data-Race Prediction : Fundamentals, Theory and Practice within the TutorialFest-track
Author of Optimal Prediction of Synchronization-Preserving Races within the POPL-track
SPLASH 2020 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the OOPSLA Artifacts-track
PLDI 2020 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the PLDI Research Artifacts-track
POPL 2020 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the Artifact Evaluation-track
Author of Deciding Memory Safety for Single-Pass Heap-Manipulating Programs within the Research Papers-track
ICSE 2021 Author of Scalable Statistical Root Cause Analysis on App Telemetry within the SEIP - Software Engineering in Practice-track
POPL 2019 Author of Decidable Verification of Uninterpreted Programs within the Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2018 Author of What Happens-After the First Race? Enhancing the Predictive Power of Happens-Before Based Dynamic Race Detection within the OOPSLA-track
ESEC/FSE 2018 Author of Data Race Detection on Compressed Traces within the Research Papers-track
PLDI 2017 Author of Dynamic Race Prediction in Linear Time within the PLDI Research Papers-track