Fabio Calefato

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Name:Fabio Calefato
Affiliation:University of Bari


WAIN'21 Author of Towards Productizing AI/ML Models: An Industry Perspective from Data Scientists. within the WAIN'21-track
CHASE 2021 PC Member in Program Committee
Author of A Virtual Mentor to Support Question-Writing on Stack Overflow within the Research Papers-track
ICSSP/ICGSE 2021 Committee Member in PC Members
University of Bari in PC Members within the Research Papers-track
Committee Member in Doctoral Symposium PC Members within the Doctoral Track-track
Session Chair of 1B: Human Factors and Social Aspects (part of Research Papers)
Committee Member in Steering Committee ICGSE
ASE 2021 Author of Assessment of Off-the-Shelf SE-specific Sentiment Analysis Tools: An Extended Replication Study within the Journal-first Papers-track
ESEM 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Emerging Results and Vision papers-track
Open Science Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
MSR 2021 Author of KGTorrent: A Dataset of Python Jupyter Notebooks from Kaggle within the Data Showcase-track
OSS 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the OSS 2021 Papers-track
SCORE 2021 Organizing Chair in Organizing Committee within the SCORE 2021-track
Session Chair of SCORE Finalists presentation (part of SCORE 2021)
ESEC/FSE 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Student Research Competition-track
ICGSE 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee
Author of A Case Study on Tool Support for Collaboration in Agile Development within the Research Papers-track
Session Chair of Session 3 (part of [Joint Event] - ICSSP/ICGSE)
MSR 2020 PC Member in Program Committee within the Mining Challenge-track
Author of The Impact of Dynamics of Collaborative Software Engineering on Introverts: A Study Protocol within the Registered Reports-track
Author of Can We Use SE-specific Sentiment Analysis Tools in a Cross-Platform Setting? within the Technical Papers-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Data Showcase-track
ICSE 2021 SCORE Co-Chair in Organizing Committe
Session Chair of Awards Announcement 8 (part of Awards)
ICGSE 2019 Session Chair of [Day 1] - Opening (part of ICGSE 2019 Main)
Author of Opening within the ICGSE 2019 Main-track
Session Chair of [Day 2] - Closing session (part of ICGSE 2019 Main)
Session Chair of [Day 2] - Opening (part of ICGSE 2019 Main)
General Chair in Organizing Committee
ICSE 2020 Judge in Judge within the ACM Student Research Competition-track
MSR 2018 Author of A Gold Standard for Emotion Annotation in Stack Overflow within the Data Showcase-track
Author of Natural Language or Not (NLoN) - package for Software Engineering Text Analysis Pipeline within the Technical Papers-track
ICGSE 2018 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee
Author of On Developers' Personality in Large-scale Distributed Projects: The Case of the Apache Ecosystem within the ICGSE 2018-track
Session Chair of Scaled and Distributed Agile (part of ICGSE 2018)
* ICSE 2018 * Author of Sentiment Polarity Detection for Software Development within the Journal first papers-track