Jinhao Dong

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Name:Jinhao Dong

My name is Jinhao Dong, currently a PhD student at Peking University, scheduled to graduate in 2025. My research interests primarily lie in deep learning and software testing. My PhD research focuses on collaborative software development, which is essential to improve productivity when working on large-scale projects. I have introduced fine-grained structured representations for code changes in commit message generation (ICSE22) and conflict resolutions in merge conflict resolution (ASE23). Additionally, I have proposed specialized neural networks, including a graph neural network and dual copy mechanism for commit message generation (ICSE22) and generative models for merge conflict resolution (ASE23). Moreover, I have proposed a pattern-based approach to evaluate generated commit messages by matching the patterns to reflect their details and distribution (ICSE23).

Furthermore, I have devised a generative adversarial network called MarginGAN, which leverages the margin theory to enhance the accuracy of semi-supervised classifiers (NeurIPS19). I have also proposed a new direction to accelerate regression testing by reusing program states and skipping unnecessary program executions (ASE20 NIER Track). Other areas of my research include fault localization (FSE21) and test case reduction (ISSRE20).

Affiliation:Peking University
Research interests:Commit Message Generation, Merge Conflict Resolution, Code Generation