John Wickerson

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Name: John Wickerson

Bio: I am a Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London.

Country: United Kingdom

Affiliation: Imperial College London

Personal website:

Research interests: concurrency semantics, FPGAs, GPUs, high-level synthesis, OpenCL, separation logic, transactional memory, weak memory, …


PLDI 2021Publicity Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
ECOOP 2021PC Member in Program Committee within the ECOOP Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2020Session Chair of W-6 (part of OOPSLA)
Committee Member in Review Committee within the OOPSLA-track
Session Chair of F-1A (part of OOPSLA)
PLDI 2020Session Chair of Session 8 (part of Ask Me Anything)
Publicity Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
POPL 2020Author of Persistency Semantics of the Intel-x86 Architecture within the Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2019Author of Weak Persistency Semantics from the Ground Up: Formalising the Persistency Semantics of ARMv8 and Transactional Models within the OOPSLA-track
ECOOP 2019Committee Member in External Review Committee within the Research Papers-track
Session Chair of Language Design and Implementation (part of Research Papers)
PLDI 2019Committee Member in Program Committee within the PLDI Research Papers-track
PLMW @ PLDI 2018Presenter of Poster Session within the PLMW @ PLDI 2018-track
PLDI 2018Author of The Semantics of Transactions and Weak Memory in x86, Power, ARM, and C++ within the PLDI Research Papers-track
POPL 2017Author of Automatically Comparing Memory Consistency Models within the POPL-track
POPL 2016Author of Overhauling SC atomics in C11 and OpenCL within the Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2015Author of Remote-Scope Promotion: Clarified, Rectified, and Verified within the OOPSLA-track
Author of Remote-scope promotion: clarified, rectified, and verified within the OOPSLA Artifacts-track